Education Tax Refund to be Replaced by SchoolKids Bonus

A means-tested SchoolKids Bonus to replace the existing Education Tax Refund has been announced by Prime Minister Julia Gillard as a bonus for one million families with school-aged children.

Parents will receive this bonus for each child in school, where an eligibility for Family Tax Benefits Part A exists.

  • $820 per year for high school students
  • $410 per year for primary school students

The direct cash payments will be paid each 6 months with one full payment being issued in the first year to cover the previous years entitlement.

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  • As part of the transition to the new Schoolkids Bonus, the Education Tax Refund for 2011-12 will be paid out in full to all eligible families as a lump sum payment in June.

The payment will replace the Education Tax Refund from 1 January 2013.

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I just want to know if parents of university students are entitled to this payment, as i was allowed to claim before with the education tax refund.

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