Excess Baggage shipping between UK and Australia

Sometimes when flying between the UK and Australia we end up with too much baggage, and may get hit by excess baggage charges from the airlines.

This can be VERY expensive.

I recall that this happened to me once, and it was near enough cheaper to buy another ticket for friend, and get them to bring my extra with them.

However, I actually used the Post Office. It wasn’t as bad as I thought, and my friend organised it for me.

There are also specialist companies that are able to provide an excess baggage service, so try to check your weights well in advance.

These airline excess baggage charges also apply on domestic airlines. We found that the hard way… My wife bought some things in Adelaide, saved about $150 on local prices, but paid an extra $200 in excess baggage charges up to Brisbane !!!

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I am looking to move to the UK but i have Excess Baggage 50kg of Excess Baggage and am looking for a cheap way to sond it i was quoted $1267 to sent this stuff and i thort it was a little to much can sume one help me pleas

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