Food Price Check: Bacon

A comparison price on the cost of Bacon in Australia and UK at: 29th June 2011

I hesitated on doing this supermarket price comparison, as I always buy meat from a butcher in Australia, as it is always cheaper for me. Also, Australian bacon isn’t quite the same as British bacon.

However, here are some prices:

$4.95 Bacon Middle Rashers 500g ($9.90 per kilo)
$6.39 Primo Bacon Streaky Rindless 500g ($12.78 per kilo)
$4.00 Hans Bacon Short Cut Rindless 250g ($16.00 per kilo)

United Kingdom
£2.48 Tesco 10 Unsmoked Back Bacon 300G (£8.27 per kg) (A$12.57)
£2.48 Tesco 10 Smoked Back Bacon 300G (£8.27 per kg) (A$12.57)
£3.00 Walls Smoked Back Bacon 260G (£11.54 per kilo) (A$17.54)

Australian Prices from Woolworths
UK prices from Tesco.
Currency Conversion done at A$1.52 to the GBP£
Bacon from my local Butcher 29th June 2011

Bacon – A meat product traditionally produced from a cut of pork that is taken from the side (belly) or back of the pig.
Bacon is processed by brining slabs of the meat, smoke curing it and then cuttting the slabs into strips for easier use for preparation.

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