HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 Australia v UK

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A comparison of the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2011 results between Australia and the United Kingdom produced the following results:

Overall League Table

  • 20th Australia
  • 29th United Kingdom

A selection of individual category results were:


24 – 21 Overall
24 – 11 Swimming pool
26 – 11 Nicer Cars
28 – 11 Healthcare
10 – 22 Income
10 – 12 Boat or yacht
11 – 22 More luxurious holidays


29 – 6 Overall
17 – 1 Local work culture
12 – 2 Integrating into the community
24 – 3 Organising finances
19 – 3 Fitting in the new culture
2 – 3 Learning the local language
3 – 8 Entertainment
6 – 14 Using the local language
7 – 6 Feeling welcome at work

Full results can be seen at: whihc show results for the full list of:

Boat or yacht
Disposable income
Domestic helper/staff
Enjoying local food
Feeling welcome at work
Finding accommodation
Fitting in the new culture
Getting used to local food
Healthcare access and quality
Healthy diet
Integrating into the community
Learning the local language
Local culture
Local shops and markets
Local transport
Local weather
Local work culture
Making friends
Making local friends
More luxurious holidays
More than one property
Nicer Cars
Nicer/bigger property
Organising finances
Organising healthcare
Organising school for my children
Quality of accommodation
Setting up utilities
Social life
Swimming pool
Travelling more
Using the local language
Work / life balance
Working environment

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