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Internet Hosts

An Internet host is a computer connected directly to the Internet.

  • Australia 11.134 million (2008)
  • United Kingdom 8.269 million (2008)


Internet Users

An Internet user is someone that accesses the Internet at least once in the year.

  • Australia 11.240 million (2008)
  • United Kingdom 40.200 million (2008)


Internet Speed:

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These average Internet speeds (in 2009) are taken from over twenty million tests taken every month, from users all over the world.

  • 5.12 Mbps Australia : The top 10 ISP’s in the UK range from 10.71 Mbps to 36.91 Mbps
  • not available to me (see bottom of page):  United Kingdom : The top 10 ISP’s in the UK range from 23.6 Mbps to 42.45 Mbps

The UK fastest regions are quoted as:

  • 12.32 Ceredigion (mid-west Wales)
  • 10.61 Kingston upon Thames
  • 10.49 Redcar and Cleveland
  • 9.56 Dundee City

The Australian average speed ratings per State are quoted as:

  • 5.73 Victoria
  • 5.60 ACT
  • 5.18 NT
  • 5.12 NSW
  • 5.09 SA
  • 4.66 QLD
  • 4.39 WA
  • 4.26 Tasmania

Source and more information at:

UK Internet speed:

I am waiting to get the UK average speed from someone with access to that figure from:

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