Olympus Mju 5010 Digital Camera

Prices of Cameras in Australia and the United Kingdom are a topic that occasionally crops up.

Some prices checked today on one specific model, that is available in both countries, the Olympus Mju 5010 Digital Camera.
Olympus Mju 5010 Digital Camera

These prices are from two popular retailers, The Good Guys in stores all over Australia, and Tesco in the UK.

Comparisons can change depending on the current Foreign Exchange rate, so here are a few examples of the Australian price above in British Pounds:

  • at 1.6 A$ to the £ – $188 = £107.00 (todays FX rate)
  • at 2.0 A$ to the £ – $188 = £ 85.50
  • at 2.5 A$ to the £ – $188 = £ 68.40

BUT, the Good Guys price can be discounted by about 10-12% for cash or credit card payment.

Also, I have seen it online for $159, so shopping around is, as always, recommended.

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