Participants wanted for New TV Documentary Series – Families Moving to Oz

TV Production Company Seeks You!
New Documentary Series – Families Moving to Oz

Ricochet are currently making a new documentary programme about people moving to Australia.

It will be six one hour episodes and each programme would follow a family in the final build-up before they move, their arrival in Australia and first year of their new lives.

Ricochet are looking for six charismatic British families planning a new life down under to inspire the nation.

We’d love to find people who are moving to Australia ideally within the next few months and might be interested in the potential of having the most exciting year of their lives captured on film. For anyone who loves a family home movie, it’d make an amazing keepsake.

If this is something you or anyone you know may be interested in, then please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 01273 224 800 or contact me on uk.  (Please mention

There is absolutely no commitment at this stage, so please do contact for more info.

Heeva Hamed

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