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The 2010 ASHE (Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings) shows that the lowest paid of all UK full-time employees were those in ‘Sales occupations’, at an average of £287 a week.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010 “6302.0 – Average Weekly Earnings” report, shows that average full-time weekly earnings of those in the Australian retail trade were $957.10 per week in Feb 2010

The actual Australian MINIMUM wage is currently $569.90 for a 38 hour week, or $15 per hour.

The UK adult MINIMUM wage is currently £5.93 an hour from October 1 2010.

In 2008 the Australian Full-time adult average weekly ordinary time earnings for those in the retail trade was $874.50 per week, so a rise equivalent to 4.62% per year for the last two years has been averaged.


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