Shopping for Household Appliances in Australia

Shopping for Household Appliances in Australia

Fridges, Freezers, Cookers, Laundry

There are many shops in most major towns that will supply all you need in the way of Household Appliances, and many will negotiate on price.

My favourite was always The Good Guys, with their “Less For Cash” offers, normally at least 12% off, and you can pay by credit card.

However, with some items, the bulky ones, and not having a trailer, I have now found another source, one that I am extremely happy with.

Appliances Online have served me very well so far, with FREE delivery and all packaging removed. They also take away your old appliance, again free of charge.

Pricing is also very competitive, well worth checking out.

Home Appliance Price Guides:

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If you are looking to buy a cheap fridge or washing machine in Melbourne, do check out Sunny Electronics. They are located in Thornbury, easily accesible by tram or train, 15min from Melbourne CBD.
They do a good mix of brand new, factory 2nds and reliable secondhand appliances.
You can check their website at
to get an idea of their stock and prices.

I found their deliver charges at one of the lowest in Melbourne.

Happy Shopping 🙂

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