Telephone Services in Australia

Telephone Services in Australia

For Emergency Services in Australia
(Police, Fire and Ambulance) use the
Triple Zero 000
telephone number

Local Calls in Australia

Local Calls in Australia are untimed, and can cost between 15c and about 35c per call, but it is worth checking on what is classed as local in your area.

Long Distance Calls in Australia

Long Distance Calls in Australia are sometimes capped at around $2.50 per call, but each provider gives different options.

  • 1800 numbers are free calls when dialed from anywhere within Australia.
  • 1300 numbers are charged at the local call rate when dialed from anywhere within Australia.
  • 1900 numbers are premium numbers and can be as much as $5.00 per minute.

Getting a Phone line connected in your property

If your property has already had a telephone line connected, all you need to do is contact your chosen telephone provider and request the line be transferred to your name. There will be a cost involved, and Telstra, as an example, currently quote $59 (Nov 2008)

The info for Telstra is at:

Phoning Australia from the UK

Australia’s country code is 61.

For calls from the United Kingdom to Australia you need to dial: 00 + 61 + state code + area code + telephone number


Phoning UK from Australia

For calls to United Kingdom from Australia dial: 0011 + 44 + area code + telephone number


International Calls

International calls can be made using one of many different Pre-Paid Phone cards available.

PhoneCard Selector – Select from about 20 different Phone cards and compare rates

Be aware of the rates being quoted by each card: you may get hit with Connection and Disconnection fees !!

For example, we were using one card that quotes a rate of: Rate Per Min : 0.071 & Connection Fee : $0.00 , however, on querying a charge when we could not get through, we are told to check the web site conditions, and saw this:

  • Rates shown in $AUS per minute based on local access dialing.
  • 20c service fee applies daily after first use.
  • The initial 10 seconds are free.
  • Calls timed initial 2 minutes then in periods of 10 minutes.
  • Rates are calculated on one continuous call.
  • Final call charges rounded up to the nearest 5 cents

So, there isn’t a connection fee, but there is a service fee!

A 3 minute call at 7.1c per minute, that we thought would cost 21.3 cents will actually cost 110 cents.

This call would only cost us 57 cents using our engin connection. (This is not a call to the UK, which for us is free)

Mobile Phone Providers in Australia

A list of commonly used Mobile Phone Providers in Australia

Vodafone, from June 1st 2009, were offering totally free calls between Vodafones.
Prior to this change they were charging a 20 cent flagfall.
This does make the 365 day talk plan a very cheap option, for those who only use it to call other Vodafone’s.
$30 per year, per phone, gives us all the calls we need within our family.

Some smaller mobile Phone operators, worth looking at:

Buying an Unlocked Mobile Phone ?

Three examples of Mobile Phones for sale in June 2013, unlocked and not tied to any carrier.

Telecommunication Category Advert

Catch Connect Mobile
  • Nokia 101 $39
  • Nokia 110 $59
  • Samsung Champ Neo $69
  • Samsung Galaxy Y Duos $149


UK Mobile Phones

Most UK Mobile phones will work in Australia, you just need to ensure they are unlocked.

One link worth checking for unlocking your phones is:

Broadband Internet Telephone Systems VOIP

Broadband Internet Telephone Systems (VOIP) have helped to bring down the cost of telephone calls in Australia and internationally.

Un-timed calls between the Major Cities can be made for as little as 10 cents UN-TIMED, or even free with some providers plans.

The following is an example of companies providing these VOIP services:

With National calls at 10cents untimed, and International calls from 3.5c per minute, OR EVEN FREE TO THE UK on one of the plans, you just buy the voice box, (sometimes available for FREE) attach it to your Broadband router and pay a monthly fee, from $9.95

Mine is $19.95 with free UK and Australia calls.

The basic option is $9.95 per month, with no free calls.
You can hook any phone up to this voice box, I have a Telstra Cordless Phone with two handsets on mine.

You do need a phone connection for the Broadband, unless you have a cable connection.

Compare Telephone Providers

Phone Choice is one of Australia’s most established and comprehensive site for all your Telecommunications needs. You will find independent, unbiased advice and solutions.

The Main Land Line Telephone Providers in Australia are:

Telstra Plan prices at Dec 2009   (THIS NEEDS UPDATING)

Telstra Monthly Line Rental Plans

  • $20.95 Homeline Budget (30c local calls)
  • $27.95 Homeline Complete (20c local calls)
  • $29.95 Homeline Plus (18c local calls)
  • $39.95 Homeline Advanced (15c local calls)
  • $49.90 Homeline Reach (includes all local calls)
  • $69.90 Homeline Together (includes all local calls)
  • $89.90 Homeline Ultimate (includes all local & STD calls)

Testing your phone line

(No guarantees on these, nor any idea on what they may cost)

If you dial 1272 2123 you will hear confirmation of your Telephone Number.
If you dial 127 11 you will hear confirmation of which service provider is billing you for long distance calls.

1800 801 920 will tell you your own number
127 11 will tell you your carrier

You can dial 1272 2123 on your mobile.
You can also use 1272 2199 for ring back to test the line.

Tax Deductible Telephone Provider

Kidney Health Australia has launched KHA Comms, the first charity based telecommunications company, so now you can get your mobile, home phone and ADSL and support Kidney Health Australia.
This is a terrific way to support a charity and save money at the same time.
Customers of KHA Comms are able to designate a percentage of their telephone service account as a tax deductible donation to Kidney Health Australia.

A selection of some of their plans at July 2011:

  • $30.80 pm with local calls at 19.8c each, STD calls at 6.6 c per 30 seconds and calls to mobiles at 16.5c for 30 seconds.
  • $49.90 pm including FREE local calls, Untimed STD calls for $1 and calls to mobiles at 17.5c for 30 seconds.
  • $69.90 pm including FREE local calls, Untimed STD calls for $0.50 and calls to mobiles at 17.5c for 30 seconds.


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