Cadbury Diary Milk with VEGEMITE

Cadbury Diary Milk with VEGEMITE

Cadbury Dairy Milk Vegemite Block

Cadbury Diary Milk with VEGEMITE block contains Dairy Milk milk chocolate with smooth flowing caramel and VEGEMITE.

Cadbury Diary Milk with VEGEMITE

My first thought was: Was it April the 1st ???

The Guardian had this in their page on the subject…

Once the chocolate has evaporated off the tongue and down the throat, a curious taste remains. It doesn’t resemble the beautiful, tangy, salty gloriousness of Vegemite spread on hot-buttered toast, instead it tastes like licking a plate where Vegemite was smeared, many months ago, then left in the sink to fester.

In their readers comments it varied from:

it was more revolting than I’d expected..


I think it’s a great combo..

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