British Expat Pensioners in Australia returning to UK

Rise in British Expat Pensioners in Australia returning to UK

A news story about British Expat pensioners in Australia having to return home to the UK because they can’t afford health care is in a Telegraph news article.

The article quotes: “Increasing premiums for essential medical cover in Australia are forcing some retired British expats to return home to the UK, as they can no longer afford the cost of living.”

Many of these pensioners are very happy in Australia, and don’t want to return home, but are being forced to consider this due to the constant increase in the cost of living, and the static income from their British state pension which remains frozen at the same rate as it was when they first claimed it.

Some in the article, are also blaming the latest increases in the Medical insurance premiums that are compulsory for their Visas, for part of their financial stress..

From figures quoted, it seems that the majority of the expats who are returning home to Britain are on temporary retirement visas, with the most common visa being the subclass 410 retirement visa.

The 410 Visa is a 10 year temporary visa specifically designed for self-funded retirees, who are not entitled to financial assistance or welfare support from the Australian Government. They must be fully self funded and must also maintain adequate health insurance while in Australia to enable any possible future 410 Visa renewals.

British Pensioners who return to the UK to settle will immediately become eligible for free NHS care.



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