Jan 01 2011


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  1. Stewart

    I am 17 and have passed my Driving and theory test in Uk and now have a full UK licence… Can I get an unrestricted licence in NSW….

    1. ABCDiamond

      The normal rules are:

      A UK Full Drivers licence held for less than 12 months gives you a NSW Provisional P1 driver licence.
      A UK Full Drivers licence held for more than 12 months but less than 3 years gives you a Provisional P2 driver licence.
      A UK Full Drivers licence held for more than 3 years gives you an Unrestricted driver licence.

  2. Danny

    I clicked on a link that asked a question about the best uk style in perth so the answer is glasgow curry house in currumbine bit expensive but well worth it pakora is dodgy but they for some reason salt it

  3. gavin o kane

    what are the steps you need to take to obtain an australian license. i have a full uk license

    1. ABCDiamond

      Just go to the local Motor Registry office, take your UK licence, Passport, credit card (for ID and payment) and a proof of address in your state, and you should get a new Australian Licence on the spot. No tests these days for normal UK licence holders.

      An example of ID documents is shown here: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/licensing/proofidentity/proof_list12.html

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