Australian School Year

The academic year in most Australian states consists of two Semesters, with two Terms in each Semester.

Each of the four school Terms is approximately ten weeks in duration, with a holiday period at the conclusion of each Term.

Each State determines its own Term Start and Finish dates, but will be similar to these examples:

  • Term 1: End of January to Mid April
  • Term 2: End of April to End of June
  • Term 3: Mid July to Mid September
  • Term 4: Beginning of October to Mid December

Exact dates can be found at:

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Tasmania is the exception having only three terms in each year.

  • Term 1: Mid February to Early June
  • Term 2: Late June to Early September
  • Term 3: Late September to Mid December

Schools generally operate from 9am to 3pm weekdays, although there are variances to this with some starting at 8:30, and some finishing at 3:15pm.

State Schools, also called Public schools, are basically free for most residents of Australia, including some temporary residents.

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