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A very large selection of crime rates is available at

The following is a selection of crime numbers for 2008 compared to the populations of the UK and Australia. The original figures were found at the Nationmaster website, links at the bottom of page, and the crime ratio per 100,000 calculated from these figures.

The two country comparison results, United Kingdom and Australia,  per 100,000 population, are:

60,943,912 United Kingdom
21,007,310 Australia
Crime Numbers per 100,000
723,886 United Kingdom 1,187.79
141,124 Australia 231.56
951,418 United Kingdom 1,561.14
436,865 Australia 716.83
Car thefts
348,169 United Kingdom 571.29
139,094 Australia 228.23
1,201 United Kingdom 1.97
302 Australia 0.50
Murders with firearms
14 United Kingdom 0.02
59 Australia 0.10
Murder not by Firearm
1,187 United Kingdom 1.95
243 Australia 0.40
115480 United Kingdom 189.49
23314 Australia 38.25


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