Poverty Line in Australia now $43,711 per year for Household

Poverty Line in Australia now $43,711 per year for couple with 2 children.

From the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for 2012: To be considered “below the poverty line”, the incomes must be BELOW: $840.60 per week: Couple with 2… Read the rest

2010 Legatum Prosperity Index

A selection of relevant figures from the 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index at: http://www.prosperity.com/rankings.aspx Governance 8 Australia 9 United Kingdom Economy 8 Australia 18 United Kingdom Entrepreneurship & Opportunity 5 United Kingdom 13 Australia Education 2 Australia 22 United Kingdom Health… Read the rest

Australians short-term trips overseas – 2010 is highest on record

Australian residents made a record 6.8 million short-term trips overseas in 2009-10, according to the latest figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This is up from 5.8 million movements in 2008-09, and more than double the movements… Read the rest

Average Working Week Australia and UK

The average Australian full time worker does 4.3% more hours per week than those in the United Kingdom. When moving from one country to another, one of the things worth checking is the amount of time to be spent working.… Read the rest

Difference between Australian and British Chocolate

For many years we British have complained that Australian Cadburys chocolate is not as good as good old British Cadburys chocolate. But today, I came across what appears to be the truth. Very recently Cadbury in Australia changed its package… Read the rest

British Hairdressers in Australia

The following have been advised as being run by, or employing, British Trained Hairdressers. Please check for yourself, as things do change over time. QLD Pureman, The Sebel Building, 121 Albert St, Brisbane (Mens hairdressing from Scotland) T: 07 3012… Read the rest