Difference between Australian and British Chocolate

For many years we British have complained that Australian Cadburys chocolate is not as good as good old British Cadburys chocolate.

But today, I came across what appears to be the truth.

Very recently Cadbury in Australia changed its package sizes, changed its packaging and changed one of the ingredients….  and it now appears to taste the same as the British version.

But… the average Australian consumer dislikes it, and wants it to go back to what it was.

What did they add ?

What does British Chocolate have, that Australian chocolate didn’t ?

The answer is….  Vegetable fat…

Two links for more reading on the matter:

The above stories reveal that:

  • “May 2009 – Australian Chocolate lovers are outraged at Cadbury’s decision to add vegetable fat to its Australian chocolate range


  • In 1973 a European Union directive defined CHOCOLATE for the member states as a product that contain no fats, other than cocoa butter.
  • England however, chose to still  include up to five percent vegetable fats in their formulations, with the EU dubbing British chocolate with added Vegetable Fat, as “vegelate”.

An embarrassing moment, when we realise that we prefer our chocolate with added vegetable fat, instead of pure Cocoa butter.

Maybe this explains why I like the German made chocolate that I buy at ALDI, and I have no problem with Australian Chocolate.

More stories

21 May 2004 – United Kingdom
Cadbury’s Shareholders Find Palm Oil Leaves a Bitter Taste.
Palm oil is a cheap source of vegetable fat which is used to extend the shelf-life of UK Cadbury’s chocolate.
Friends of the Earth

August 20, 2009 – Australia
“We are removing palm oil and returning to a cocoa butter only recipe for Cadbury’s entire moulded block chocolate range, including our flagship Cadbury Dairy Milk brand and product lines such as Old Gold and Dream,” Cadbury Australia managing director Mark Callaghan said yesterday.
“We will soon commence the production of a cocoa butter only recipe at Claremont in the coming weeks.”

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Australian Cadbury chocolate tastes noticeably different to Australian Cadbury. Not in a good way either, it all stems down to where you are from as obviously the English are going to like theirs better and the Aussies will like theirs better. But honestly it kicks ass down under, way nicer!!

While this is true (about hydrogenated veg fat) Cadbury never used it in their actual chocolate (im from the UK) but it was widely used by universal maufacturers from biscuits cakes etc etc. However this practice has largely stopped thanks to the supposed health risks associated with it. So any veg fat used in food now will not be hydrogenated (unless it says so which is highly unlikely now).

As for the nonsense teh EU spouts no one takes any notice whatsoever. Our chocolate is chocolate no matter what they like to think! Id rather have an original recipe dating back over a 100 years with a small amount of veg oil in it than a poorer new formulation without it in. UK cadburys is by far the best 🙂

The Cadbury’s Dairy Milk range in Australia still has Vegetable Fat in it.

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