Wallpaper in Australia

Wallpaper is a rarity in Australia. Very few people use it, hence almost no shops sell it. I remember noticing the lack of wallpaper shops when I arrived here.

And as for finding anyone to hang it for you ? I wonder if the Yellow pages even has a section for that.

When you can find wallpaper locally in Australia the price may be a lot higher than the price in the UK including delivery to you in Australia.  So I suggest you check out that option before committing to a purchase, but also consider the difficulty in returns…

Wallpaper suppliers in the UK that deliver to Australia

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A real shame that you are advocating that people in this country buy their wallpaper from the UK. When you came here I assume it was to settle and support this country. The cost of the wallpaper is higher here due to your UK companies selling the rights to this country to agents and then also State agents so by the time it gets to me the retailer the price is up, having said that if there is a problem with the wallpaper I personally take responiblity for it and make sure it is replaced, not something that would happen if you bought from the UK
Lynne from Moore & Moore has some amazing Australian wallpapers that I hope will grow and grow.

Regards Sharon Vollmer
The Ivory Tower


Wallpaper is coming back in fashion in Australia. I thought you would be interested to hear that I have just launched an Australian wallpaper company, selling Australian designed and made wallpaper. Take a look at our website, http://www.moorewallpaper.com.au


Lynne Testoni

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