First Home Owners Grant New South Wales

First Home Owners Grant New South Wales

First Home Owners Grant, NSW, Australia

A $15,000 grant is available to first home buyers where the value of the new home purchased does not exceed the First Home Owner Grant Cap of $750,000 for contracts dated on or after 1 July 2014.

The amount of the grant will reduce to $10,000 from 1 January 2016.

Older FHOG system (no longer applicable)

The First Home Owners Grant provides eligible first home buyers with a $7,000 grant.  This is a National scheme, administered by the New South Wales State Government.

  • Contracts signed up to 31st December 2009
    • No Means test
    • No Property Value Restriction
  • Contracts signed on or after 1st January 2010
    • No Means test
    • Not available for properties over $750,000


First Home Owners Boost

  • The First Home Owner Boost ended on 31st December 2009.


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