Rent as a Percentage of Income

Median Rent figures are easily available for Brisbane in Queensland, from the Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority. These figures were available for the 3 months ended Sept 2010. Weekly Rent Property Type New Rentals $365.00 Two bedroom flats/units 4,303 $380.00 3… Read the rest

Australian and UK House Prices 2003 to 2009

Australian and UK House Prices

Newspaper reports on 29th May 2010 show Median house prices as follows: $651,000 Sydney $462,000 London $460,000 New York The following charts, using data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and the British Bankers Association,… Read the rest

Established House Prices in Australia

Information released on February 1st, 2010 by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the following: Over the year to December 2009, preliminary estimates show that the price index for established houses for the weighted average of the eight capital cities… Read the rest

Average House Prices in Brisbane

The median Detached House prices for Brisbane for the quarter ended June of each year, taken from the ABS Established House Price Index (HPI), are shown below: $182,600 Jun-02 $240,000 Jun-03 $305,000 Jun-04 $312,000 Jun-05 $330,000 Jun-06 $375,000 Jun-07 $425,000… Read the rest