Daylight Comparison UK-Aus

Both the UK and Australia get just about the same number of hours of daytime during the year as each other.

However, there is a very big difference in the way these hours are spread at different times of the year, and any migrants from the UK to Australia should be aware of this big difference.

In the UK they get the long bright summer evenings.  In most parts of Australia, sunset is much earlier.
Looking at Brisbane, the Longest day in 2008 was 22nd Dec.

  • Sunrise was at 4:50 AM and Sunset at 6:43 PM – Length of Day 13h 53m

But compared that to the longest day in the UK:

  • Sunrise at 4:43 AM and Sunset at 9:22 PM – Length of Day 16h 38m

However we must not forget the Winter comparison…


The shortest day in Brisbane in 2008 was 21st Jun

  • Sunrise 6:38 AM – Sunset 5:02 PM – Length of Day 10h 24m

And the shortest day in London: 22nd Dec 2008 –

  • Sunrise 8:04 AM – Sunset 3:54 PM – Length of Day 7h 49m

More information on these times can be found at:

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