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– This site will help you find out how to get an assessment of occupational qualifications, skills or experience that you have gained overseas. You can also find state-specific licensing and registration requirements to practice your occupation in Australia

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Clarius Skills Index Dec 2008

Australian Labour Market Update (ALMU, formerly known as Australian Jobs Update)

  • www.deewr.gov.au/…/AustralianLabourMarketUpdate.htm – is a quarterly publication produced by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to aid the understanding of the labour market for those seeking jobs in Australia, particularly migrants.
A Job in the Mining Industry ?
State Award Web Sites
  • QLD State Awards Index of State Awards provided by the Queensland State Government
  • NSW State Awards Index of State Awards provided by the New South Wales State Government
  • W.A State AwardsIndex of State Awards provided by the West Australia State Government
  • S.A. State Awards Index of State Awards provided by the South Australia State Government
  • TAS State Awards Index of State Awards provided by the Tasmanian State Government
  • Federal Wage Awards Index of Federal Awards provided by the Australian Commonwealth Government
Salary Surveys
  • Ambit IT&T Salary Index – The Ambit Salary Index encompasses the IT&T, Engineering, Executive and Sales & Marketing industries and is compiled by recruitment specialists based in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney; drawing upon job offers and employment activity data in each individual city.
  • Hayes Online Salary Survey – The Hays Salary Survey is compiled from information collected from over 100 branches in our network throughout Australia and New Zealand.
  • The Hairdressers Registration Board of Western Australia – The core role and function of the Government of Western Australia’s HRB is to ensure that anyone practicing as a hairdresser within the Boards jurisdiction in Western Australia is qualified and registered. To become registered as a hairdresser in Western Australia you must firstly apply for your registration with the Hairdressers Registration Board.


Working in a Pub
  • In NSW, all Employees and Volunteers involved in the sale, supply or service of liquor must hold a recognised RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certificate. Details.
  • In QLD, RSA training is only mandatory for staff of licensed premises in the Brisbane City Council area that are licensed to trade after 1am. Details
Working for the Government
Federal/Commonwealth Government Positions

There is no absolute requirement for Australian citizenship. However, there is a general expectation that a person who is to be engaged as an Australian Public Service (APS) employee will be an Australian citizen, although non-citizens can be engaged in certain circumstances.

Like a number of other countries, the Australian Government considers that it is appropriate for government employees to be Australian citizens as a demonstration of their commitment to, and long-term stake in, the future of Australia.

Section 22(8) of the PS Act requires an agency head not to engage, as an APS employee, a person who is not an Australian citizen unless the agency head considers it appropriate to do so.

Federal Government Positions:

State Government Positions

Each State can employ whoever it wishes, and there appears to be no rule for Citizenship requirement. Even Temp Visa holders are known to be employed in some State Government positions.

EG: Who can work for the Victorian Government?

To gain employment with the Victorian Government you need to be an:

  • Australian Citizen : a birth certificate, citizenship certificate or current passport is proof of eligibility.
  • Australian Permanent Resident or a New Zealand citizen with a valid passport : A passport with a permanent visa or certificate of evidence of resident status is proof of eligibility.
  • Non-citizens with a valid visa that provides work rights.
Commuting to Work

A study in 2005, showed that among Australians who travel to and from paid work, the mean commuting time is three hours and 37 minutes each week.

Among full-time workers in paid employment for at least 35 hours per week, the mean commuting time is four hours and ten minutes per week.

People in Sydney endure the longest average commuting times of employees in the country.
From longest to shortest, Australias capital cities rank as follows:

Note: These times are “per WEEK“, not per day

  • Sydney (four hours and 43 minutes),
  • Melbourne (four hours and 22 minutes),
  • Brisbane (three hours and 58 minutes),
  • Perth (three hours and 43 minutes),
  • Adelaide (three hours and 34 minutes) and
  • Canberra (two hours and 29 minutes).

Full report at:

Australian Government – Workplace Ombudsman
Downloadable Fact Sheets – PDF Files
Downloadable Fact Sheets for young workers – PDF Files
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