Employment: Plumbers in Queensland

Plumbers and drainers licences in Australia

To undertake plumbing and drainage work, you must have a current Queensland licence or endorsements that authorise you to undertake the particular work.

There are three classes of plumbers and drainers licences issued in Queensland by the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC):

  • Plumbers licence
  • Drainers licence
  • Restricted licence

Mutual recognition

If you hold a licence from another state, territory or New Zealand, under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992, your accreditation will be recognised in Queensland and you may apply for a licence equivalent to the one you already hold.

Persons with overseas qualifications or training

If you are a person who has gained qualifications or training overseas, there are a number of different assessments that needs to be undertaken to obtain a plumbing or draining licence.
If you do not have recognised qualifications but the Plumbing Industry Council (PIC) is satisfied that you have completed relevant training overseas, you will likely be offered a provisional licence on the condition that you undertake a Course in Plumbing and/or Course in Drainage at a Queensland TAFE college.
When you enrol in the TAFE course in Plumbing or Drainage ask about “Recognition of prior learning” and request an assessment.

Plumbing Industry Council Queensland
Telephone: +61 07 3235 4149
Postal address: PO Box 15027, City East, Queensland 4002

Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning

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