Equivalent UK and Australian degrees

The Australian government has a website that assists in assessing overseas qualifications.

Some examples of Education comparisons are:

UK 2ii Honours standard
Australian Bachelor’s Honours: 2.2 / 2B / Credit 60%-69%
Australian Bachelor’s Ordinary: 2.1 / 2A / Distinction 70%-79%

UK 2i Honours standard
Australian Bachelor’s Honours: 2.1 / 2A / Distinction 70%-79%
Australian Bachelor’s Ordinary: 1st Class / High Distinction 80%-100%

UK Masters standard
Australian Master’s degree

The British Council has a page that compares UK qualifications to Australian qualifications:

The British Council also has a list of Universities etc., that are able to assist with sitting A levels in Australia.

Australian Year 12 Conversion Table for A levels

All the States and Territories in Australia produced overall measures of their students’ achievements in a common index that allows for comparisons to be made between each other.

These indexes have different names, but a common rating in most States.

Victoria = ENTER
SA/NT, WA and Tasmania = TER

Education Category Advert

Each of the above rankings would the equivalent of the same in each of those States. eg: A UAI of 81.55 equals an ENTER of 81.55 and a TER of 81.55.

Queensland uses OP ratings, between 1 and 25, within its own state, but will provide the above ratings for interstate transfers.

Source: www.qtac.edu.au

For Queensland:

UK A level AAA = QLD OP 2
UK A level AAB = QLD OP 3
UK A level ABB = QLD OP 4
UK A level BBB = QLD OP 5
UK A level BBC = QLD OP 6/7
UK A level BCC = QLD OP 8
UK A level CCC = QLD OP 9
UK A level CCD = QLD OP 11
UK A level CDD = QLD OP 12
UK A level DDD = QLD OP 13
UK A level DDE = QLD OP 14/15
UK A level DEE = QLD OP 16
UK A level EEE = QLD OP 17/18
UK A level EE = QLD OP 19/20

Other States

UK A level AAA = Australian Index 98.30
UK A level AAB = Australian Index 96.95
UK A level ABB = Australian Index 95.05
UK A level BBB = Australian Index 92.55
UK A level BBC = Australian Index 89.60
UK A level BCC = Australian Index 85.95
UK A level CCC = Australian Index 81.65
UK A level CCD = Australian Index 76.85
UK A level CDD = Australian Index 74.10
UK A level DDD = Australian Index 68.90
UK A level DDE = Australian Index 63.25
UK A level DEE = Australian Index 57.15
UK A level EEE = Australian Index 50.60
UK A level EE = Australian Index 43.60

VCE = Victorian Certificate of Education
HSC = Higher School Certificate (New South Wales)
TER = Tertiary Entrance Rank (South Australia)

1 - 22,243

12 thoughts on “Equivalent UK and Australian degrees”

  1. Hi, I am trying to find out what my UK certificate of higher education -health studies is equivalent to in Australia (Qld) I keep being sent on a wild goose chase so am getting frustrated! I’d really appreciate anybody posting who knows or where i can go to find out!
    Thank you!

  2. I am studying Higher National Diploma (awarding body SQA) in Administration and IT which completes on May 2013.

    I would like to know the equivalent degree in Australia for my award. In which level of Australia should I get admission for further study.

  3. Hiya. I’m trying to find out what my (vce) cert is, in u.k equivalent? I’m trying to go back to school, and no oe here seems to know where to get the answer.
    I did vce in 1988, so don’t know what it’s called now sorry. But desperately need some proof and hard copy to prove to college what my vce is worth.

  4. I graduated with Masters in “International Banking and Financial Studies” at University of Southampton. Is my degree recognised in Australia?

    1. Matt, Thanks for that. I didn’t spot that I had put 1 to 20 as the OP range. I have now changed it to the correct 1 to 25.

      It would appear that anything in the 21 to 25 range does not have a UK equal ranking though.

  5. 09/05/2010
    We have a son who is currently studying at the University of Southern California under a sports scholarship. Our son Richard Charlesworth completed his GCSEs in the UK in 2005 and went to Queensland in Australia to complete his higher education. He graduated there in November 2007 with an OP score of 7.

    Part of Richard’s sports scholarship is dependent on competing for the University in California. The NCAA (Governing Body for University Sports in USA) do not or will not recognise Richard’s qualification from Australia as equivalent to 3 British ‘A’ levels, even though we have signposted them to your website. Is it possible for you to provide written confirmation that Queenland OPs are equivalent of British ‘A’ Levels and would be accepted by British Universities as university entry qualifications?
    Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.
    Paul Charlesworth

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