Wage Comparison UK Australia 2009

A comparison of average wages between Australia and the United Kingdom.

I am selecting to compare ‘Full time earnings’ rather than the average of Full Time and Part Time, as this should give a more realistic indication for someone that is planning on working full time.

To include part time earning figures would allow too many variables into the equation, ie: 2 hrs per week part time or 30 hours per week part time.

Average Male Full time total earnings:

May 2009

  • Australia: $70,038 per year. Source
  • UK: £27,552 per year. Based on Apr 2008 + 1.7%

April 2008

  • Australia: $66,144 per year. Source
  • UK:  £27,092 per year. Source

Comparing earnings as a multiple of the other country does not really work, if there have been changes in the Foreign Exchange rates, which have occurred in a rather large way at the time of writing this.

One better comparison can be to look at the annual income against costs of various things in that country.


Average Mortgages:

  • In July 2009, the average Australian Mortgage was $354,000, source or 5.05 times the wage above.
  • In August 2009, the average UK mortgage was £134,500, source or 4.88 times the wage above.


Note 1:  Average UK earnings, including bonuses, rose by 1.7 per cent in the year to July 2009. Source

December 2009
A story in the News of The Worldnewspaper gave the following wage figures for the UK:

  • £33,285 Junior Doctor
  • £27,851 Fireman
  • £24,039 Police Constable
  • £22,000 Soldier Serving in Afghanistan
  • £21,102 Newly Qualified Teacher
  • £19,683 Qualified Nurse
  • £19,600 Social Worker
  • £17,744 Prison Officer
  • £10,000 Care Assistant

The story also stated: “Britain’s average salary is £21,320 before tax and national insurance“. This figure includes full and part time workers.

For comparison the Australian figure for Full and Part time workers is $48,776 per year.  Source ABS August 2009

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