Sydney or London, which has the cheapest cost of living

Comparative Cost of Living between London and Sydney, comparing costs to Average Income after tax

Using data from, for the two cities of Sydney and London in March 2015, we compared each Cities costs to the Average after tax… Read the rest

Wage Comparison UK Australia 2009

A comparison of average wages between Australia and the United Kingdom. I am selecting to compare ‘Full time earnings’ rather than the average of Full Time and Part Time, as this should give a more realistic indication for someone that… Read the rest

Cost of Living Increases in Australia

Cost of Living Increases in Australia Between 2000 and 2009 the average full time NET wage income increased by 5.66% every year. During the same period, (June 2000 to June 2009),¬†the following sample of average¬†annual cost increases were… Read the rest