Branston Pickle in Australia. 2018

Sometimes we need something from home. We might have some crusty bread at the table, even some semi-decent cheese, but something is missing…. Branston Pickle. I looked in ALDI while I was there, but no luck this time, so.. A… Read the rest

Sydney or London, which has the cheapest cost of living

Comparative Cost of Living between London and Sydney, comparing costs to Average Income after tax

Using data from, for the two cities of Sydney and London in March 2015, we compared each Cities costs to the Average after tax… Read the rest

Brits are officially cheddar fanatics

Around 330,000 tonnes of Cheddar are consumed in the UK each year. Despite imitation in many other countries, Cheddar will always be explicitly associated with England and more particularly, the West Country. There are over 700 named cheeses available in… Read the rest

Food Prices UK and Australia in 2011

A few comparisons of Food prices in the United Kingdom and Australia in June 2011.

United Kingdom: Tesco Supermarket

The four groups of food above show the following prices from: on June 28th 2011 £0.60 Tesco Medium Sliced White… Read the rest