Food Prices UK and Australia in 2011

A few comparisons of Food prices in the United Kingdom and Australia in June 2011.

United Kingdom: Tesco Supermarket

Tesco Food Prices 28 June 2011

The four groups of food above show the following prices from: on June 28th 2011

£0.60 Tesco Medium Sliced White Loaf 800g £0.08 per 100gm
£1.40 Warburtons Farmhouse White Bread 800G £0.18 per 100gm

£1.49 Tesco Whole Milk 2.272Ltr/4 Pints £0.66 per litre
£1.80 Cravendale Whole Milk 2 Litres £0.90 per litre

£3.45 Tesco English Mild Cheddar 500G £6.90 per kg
£6.99 Tesco Brtish Mature White Cheddar 1Kg £6.99 per kg

£2.69 White Potatoes 5Kg Tray £0.54 per kg
£1.95 Desiree Potatoes 2.5Kg Tray £0.78 per kg

Australia: Woolworths Supermarket

Woolworths Prices 28th June 2011

The four groups of food above show the following prices from: Woolworth Supermarket on June 28th 2011

$ 2.00 Homebrand Milk Whole Bottle 2L. $1.00/l
$ 3.17 Dairy Farmers Milk Whole 2L. $1.59/l

$ 1.29 Homebrand Bread - White Sandwich 700g. $0.18/100g
$ 3.29 Tip Top Sunblest White Sandwich Bread 700g. $0.47/100g

$ 4.29 Homebrand Cheese Tasty Block 500g $8.58/kg
$ 7.51 Homebrand Cheese Tasty Block 1kg $7.51/kg

$ 8.98 Potatoes 6kg. $1.50/kg
$ 3.98 Potato Golden Delight Br 2kg. $1.99/kg

The final comparison of these four basics should however also take into account the wages paid in each country.

Many comparisons are done using purely the exchange rate, which has fluctuated between 1.5 Australian Dollars and 3 Australian Dollars to the British Pound, over the last 10 years.

Using those exchange rates, the British Tesco Milk at £1.32 for 2 litres would range from $1.98 to $3.96 in Australian currency, compared to the $2 for the Australian Woolworths 2 litres.

The British cheese at £7 per kilo would work out at A$10.50 or A$21.00 per kilo at those rates, compared to the Australian $7.51 per kilo.

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