High Electricity Costs in Australia 2017

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Australian households pay highest power prices in world

That is the headline from a 4th August 2017 news article, and an Australian TV report shown on the 5th August 2017.

The report says: “Australian residential customers are paying the highest electricity prices in the world“, and talks about huge increases on July 1 2017.

Their figures for four Australian States show the Electricity cost as:

cents per kWh including tax
47.13 cents South Australia
39.10 cents New South Wales
35.69 cents Queensland
34.66 cents Victoria

I have two problems with that report:

  1. The definition of huge increases on July 1 2017, Mine went from 25.586 cents up to 26.961 cents, and increase of 5.37%, but the fixed charge dropped by 1.96% from $1.28117 down to $1.25609 per day.
  2. The quoted Queensland rate of 35.69 cents is a lot higher than the actual Queensland rate of 26.961 that Origin Energy have actually quoted, 32.38% higher than my real figure.

The EU average from that report is 29.95, Great Britain is shown as 31.34, while I pay lower than both at 26.961.

The Real Change in Electricity Prices July 2017

Back in June, when I first looked into the new price rises, after seeing this new report “Consumers on the eastern seaboard could see retail electricity prices rise by as much as 30 per cent“, I checked my bills and worked out the real changes, and the result was:

My average usage is around 1,000 kWh per quarter.

The quarterly bill for 1,000 kWh over 91 days will rise from $372.45 to $383.91, a rise of 3.08%.  Not 30% just 3%

Electricity Price Changes July 2017

Origin Energy Price Change on July 1st 2017 for QLD Residential Customers

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