Renewable Power Grants in Australia

Renewable Power Incentives and Grants in Australia

Australian Households might be eligible for various grants from Australian Governments, when they install solar, wind or hydro renewable energy systems or eligible hot water systems. The amount of this grant is based… Read the rest

High Electricity Costs in Australia 2017

Australian households pay highest power prices in world

That is the headline from a 4th August 2017 news article, and an Australian TV report shown on the 5th August 2017. The report says: “Australian residential customers are paying the highest… Read the rest

Electricity Providers and Supply in Australia

Electricity Supply in Australia Electricity comparison UK and Australia Electricity supply in the UK Normal Household Electricity is: 240 volts, 50 Hz, 13 amps max. The normal electricity system frequency in the UK is 50Hz. The National Grid has statutory… Read the rest

Solar Electricity in Australia

Solar Electricity in Australia The New Solar Power Rebates from June 2009 Solar Credits To Replace Solar Rebate In Australia… Some of the changes include: Minimum 1.5 kilowatt System No Income Limit More Details…. Photovoltaic Solar Power systems This… Read the rest

Electricity Price Comparison

The average Australian household electricity consumption is about 50% higher than the average UK household electricity consumption. This is based on data sourced from UK and Australian sources. However, the cost of Electricity may be a different matter, depending on… Read the rest