Solar Electricity in Australia

Solar Electricity in Australia

The New Solar Power Rebates from June 2009

Solar Credits To Replace Solar Rebate In Australia…

Some of the changes include:

  • Minimum 1.5 kilowatt System
  • No Income Limit

More Details….

Photovoltaic Solar Power systems

Picture of 1.5kW PV Solar Panel Roof System

This $8,000 rebate scheme, with a household income threshold of under $100,000, has now finished on 9th June 2009

Electric Boosted Roof Based Solar Panel Hot water System

Dux Sun Pro 315L Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water

An example of the pricing for the above system was $1,595 fully installed, after rebates, from Origin Energy.

Another example is a price of $500 PLUS Installation in my local newspaper in May 2009.

Stand alone Heat Pump Hot Water System

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump 250 litres

An example of the pricing for a system similar to the above, but a different Brand, was:
$2,749 for the unit, plus
$ 352 for installation,
$1,188 for the REC’s rebate, and less
$1,600 for the Federal Solar Hot Water Rebate.
This left the Net cost to me, in April 2009, of:
$312.00. This is an actual cost, after serious shopping around.
I have seen them quoted for about $2,500 after rebates.

I received all rebates into my bank account within 10 weeks.


Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme

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