Shopping – Comparison Prices

Shopping – Comparison Prices UK-Australia

We often compare prices between each country, especially when we are new arrivals, and often notice only those items that are more expensive in the new country.

These are a few examples to show some of the differences between our two countries.

Electrical Goods

Xbox 360 250GB Console

  • UK: Argos: £199.99 = A$319.99*
  • Aus: mwave: $389.00


Milk: 2 Litres Own Brand

  • Tescos: Own Label Whole Milk 2.272Ltr/4 Pints £1.55 = A$2.48*
  • Woolworths: Homebrand Milk Whole Bottle 2L $2.24

Rice 2KG

  • Tesco: Own Label Long Grain Rice 2KG £2.43 = A$3.89*
  • Woolworths: Homebrand Rice Long Grain 2kg $3.18

Butter 250g

  • Tesco: Own Label Value Butter 250G£0.98 = A$1.57*
  • Woolworth: Homebrand Butter Block 250g $1.57

Cheese 500g block

  • Tesco: Own Label Lighter Mature Cheese 500G £3.85 = A$6.16*
  • Woolworth: Woolworths Select Cheese Vintage 500g $6.20
  • Woolworth: Homebrand Cheese Tasty Block 500g $4.27


  • UK: Tesco
  • AUS: Woolworths
  • * Comparison prices converted at 1.6 A$ to the GBP £
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