Flight cost Comparisons: webjet.com.au or Jetstar.com

Flight cost Comparisons: Webjet or Jetstar

I checked a Jetstar flight today on both webjet.com.au and Jetstar.com

The price difference was very high:

Same flight, date, time etc.


$158.00 Two flights at $79.00
$  46.00 Baggage (25kg) 2 x $23
$204.00 Total AUD


$158.00 Two flights at $79.00
$  46.00 Baggage (25kg) 2 x $23
$  17.00 Payment and Service Fee (Jetstar Flights)
$  19.95 Webjet Processing Fee
$  12.95 Webjet Booking Price Guarantee
$253.90 Total AUD

Using this flight booking service costs an extra $49.90 in fees !!!

Any benefits on using a web booking service?

Webjet Policy on Change or Cancel My Booking

If you process your change or cancellation request online via this page, there is no Webjet fee. Processing your request over the phone (1300 137 737 or +61 (3) 8672 7400), will incur a Webjet change fee of $50 per person. Please note: airline fees will apply.

Select Jetstar and the information given is:

Please contact the following airline(s) directly to make any changes directly.

Jetstar – 131 538

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