Transport Services in Australia

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Transport Services in Australia

New South Wales

Sydney Taxi fares 2010 (with 2009 in brackets)

    • Flag Fall $3.20 ($3.10)
    • Distance Rate $1.93 ($1.85) per kilometre
    • Night-time Surcharge A surcharge of 20% of the Distance Rate in respect of a journey commencing between 10 pm and 6 am daily
    • Booking Fee $2.10 ($2.00)
    • Waiting Time $53.00 ($48.00) per hour (83c per minute) while vehicle speed is less than 26 km/h
South Australia
  • Connex Melbourne : Timetables and Ticket information for Trains in Melbourne
  • Metlink Melbourne : Train, Tram and Bus service information in Melbourne
  • VicLink : Guide to Public Transport in Melbourne and Victoria
  • Vline : Public Transport for Regional Victoria
Western Australia
  • Transperth : Train and bus timetables and fares in and around Perth

AIRLINES – International


AIRLINES – Domestic


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