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Shopping Overseas

Imported Shopping

Customs Duty and GST

Buying goods from overseas is a common occurrence in Australia, especially by recent Migrants, and it is worth noting the rules on Customs Duty and GST charges for such purchases brought into Australia.

The current information from Australia Customs is that goods received by post, valued at UNDER $1,000 are free from Customs Duty and GST. (Last checked Oct 2010).

Note: special rules apply for Alcohol and Tobacco products.

Purchases over $1,000 will incur Customs Duty, plus GST at 10% on the combined cost of the goods, the duty and the delivery charges.

Further details can be seen at:

Goods with a value greater than $250, if imported by air or sea, or greater than $1000, if imported by post, are required to be formally entered using a Customs “Entry for Home Consumption”.

This is a fairly complex form to fill out and is subject to a cost recovery entry processing fee of:

  • $65.75 per entry plus $1 per line after the first line for manual sea entries; or
  • $48.85 and $1 per line after the first line for manual air/post entries.

The following all delivery to Australia, some even do free delivery.

Useful for sending gifts back home to the UK

UK Shopping

The Cheapest Books around with FREE delivery into Australia

Marks and Spencer

  • For delivery to Australia and New Zealand:
    Clothing, selected homeware and beauty products
    Delivery Time: Approximately 10 – 14 days
    Delivery Charge: 20 **


  • for a range of Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Cycle Clothing and Accessories, with FREE delivery to Australia


The Marks and Spencer plan to open in Australia

In 1998 Marks & Spencer announced that the Company has selected The Just Jeans Group as its franchise partner for Australia, but seven months after the announcment, they postponed those plans.

In recent months it seemed to have resurfaced, but it appears that the reports were not actually correct, and did relate to the original 1998 news media release from:

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