Legal System

Legal System in Australia

  • Legal Directory – A directory of Legal Departments throughout Australia.
  • ComLaw – ComLaw is the legal information retrieval system owned by the Australian Attorney-General’s Department. ComLaw is an integral part of the Australian Law Online initiative to bring low or no-cost access to the law for the community

Small Claims Courts

Legal Aid in Australia
Legal Aid in Queensland

Frequently asked questions about Legal Aid Queensland:

Getting things witnessed in Australia

Some legal documents need witnessing, and there are a few options available for this in Australia.

Justice of the Peace – JP

A Justice of the Peace is a volunteer who provides a free service involving a range of duties such as witnessing of documents such as passport applications and wills, etc.

Some shopping centres have JP’s in attendance for a few hours on certain days of the week, and many volunteer organisatiosn will also have one or two JP’s available. A Justice of the Peace is not allowed to charge for their service.

Notary Public

A notary public is a person who is recognised by law as having the ability to verify the signing of a deed, certify that copies of documents are authentic, especially for overseas purposes, and witness documents which are from another country.
A notary public uses an official stamp which they place on official documents when they sign.

A notary public will charge for their service.

There are some documents, especially relating to overseas situations, that need a Notary Public, rather than a JP to witness. Most solicitors will be able to provide an appointment with a Notary Public, for a charge.

Office of Fair Trading and similar

Citizens Advice Bureau or similar in Australia
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Brisbane QLD
    Phone: 07 3403 5648

  • Citizens Advice Bureau Ipswich QLD
    Phone: 07 3281 7977
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Bundaberg QLD
    Phone: 07 4152 1173
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Western Australia
    Click here for link
    Phone: 08 9221 5711
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Canberra and ACT
    Click here for link
    Phone: 02 6248 7988
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Gold Coast
    Click here for link
    Phone: 07 5532 9611
  • Community Information Victoria
    Click here for link
    Phone: 03 9672 2000
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Wimmera-Mallee, Victoria
    Click here for link
    Phone: 03 5381 2233
  • Citizens Advice Bureau Cobram VIC
    Phone: 03 5872 2552

Electric and Gas Ombudsman

Energy Ombudsman

Problems with your energy retailer? If you can’t resolve them with the supplier directly, contact your State Energy Ombudsman:

UK debts and enforcement in Australia

The Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of Australia,
Desiring to provide, on the basis of reciprocity, for the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters;

Have agreed as follows:

The above link basically says that a court order (Civil and Commercial Matters) made in either country, can be enforced in the other country.

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