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    It has long been held that when you are in Australia and you are buying books, that you can buy from the UK, and get them shipped here to Australia for LESS than the price that you would pay here in Australia.

    Even the Australian government has been attacked on this point by readers and bookstores alike.

    But something has changed.

    For a few weeks now I have been noticing the price difference getting smaller and smaller, yet logic tells me that the price gap should be getting bigger, due to the comparative values of the GBP £ and the AUD A$.

    Today I was checking two books, not for myself… although maybe I should look at them after all 🙂

    They are both Diet Books, and with both being published in the UK, logic tells me that they must be cheaper in the UK.

    But, as at January 2011:

The Clean and Lean Diet: 14 Days to Your Best-ever Body.
By James Duigan.

Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast!: The Healthy Way to Toned Tummy in 6 Days
By James Duigan

This is showing that pricing is no longer as cut and dry as it was.  And I am seeing many more examples of this.  The most interesting one was someone in the UK buying a book from Australia, because it was CHEAPER in AUSTRALIA.  !!

We really do need to check the local prices before assuming that the UK price is always going to be cheaper.

Both of those suppliers and are currently giving FREE DELIVERY in Australia.

A quick search facility to find an Australian price of most books:


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