Supermarket Market Share in UK and Australia

A list of Supermarkets and the market share of each of them in late 2009.

Market Share UK supermarket chains Market Share Australian Grocery Shops
30.70% Tesco 31.42% Woolworths
17.30% Asda 21.62% Coles
15.90% Sainsbury’s 9.79% IGA
11.70% Morrisons 2.55% ALDI
7.90% Co-op 1.50% Foodworks
4.00% Waitrose 0.95% Franklins
3.00% Aldi 32.00% Non Supermarkets
2.30% Lidl
1.70% Iceland
0.80% Netto
0.60% Farmfoods

The above UK data was from which quoted that the “Big Four” had a combined share of 75.6 percent of the UK grocery market in the 12 weeks ending 1 November 2009.

Australian Supermarkets Market Share

There are two sets of figures for supermarket market share in Australia, the common one that is used relates to the market share of all packaged groceries.

Australian Supermarkets Market Share of Packaged Groceries

Store 2009-2010 1997-1998 (1)
Woolworths 35.00%
Coles 30.30%
Franklins 14.20%
Other Traders 19.60%

The next one relates to ALL food and grocery spending, possibly more closely linked to the UK figures ?.

Australian Supermarkets Market Share of All Groceries

Major chain grocery retail market shares (all food and grocery spending) 1997/98 (with 2009-10 figures to be added when located)

Store 2009-2010 1997-1998 (1)
Woolworths % 20.00%
Coles % 17.30%
Franklins % 5.80%
Other Traders % 56.90%

In 2009 the break-up of the of the Australian grocery sales channels (2) was:

  • 68% Supermarkets
  • 23% Specialist grocery retailers
  • 9% Convenience & forecourts retailers

Of that 68%, this was divided up as follows:

Store Supermarket sales All Grocery sales
Woolworths 46.20% 31.42%
Coles 31.80% 21.62%
IGA 14.40% 9.79%
ALDI 3.75% 2.55%
Foodworks 2.20% 1.50%
Franklins 1.40% 0.95%
Non Supermarkets 32.00%

2006-07 Estimated market share figures for take-home food and grocery retailers

Share (%) Supermarket Group
30.77% Woolworths
22.76% Coles / Bi-Lo
16.64% Metcash (IGA)
2.84% ALDI
1.09% Franklins
25.90% Other

Source PDF Document submission at

Some Australian articles on the Market share definitions:

A little more research on statistics and totals, with figures shown below, can show how easily real information can be distorted.

Taking a few of the figures below we get:

  • Total Industry Revenue of $75.7 billion
  • Woolworths share of that is $51.96 billion
  • Coles share was $29.7 billion.

So Woolworths and Coles have 108% of the total market between them. Then we add on ALDI with their 3% share, and we are up to 111%.  Then add on the 19.9% for IGA, and we hit 130.9%. We haven’t looked at Foodworks and all the other smaller stores yet.

Then we can look at some figures from the stock market reports

  • Woolworths have 46.5474% of the Consumer Staple sector
  • Wesfarmers have 48.4128% of the Consumer Staple sector

That is 94.96% between them.

This all proves one thing… what we may see is not always truly what really is.

Supermarkets and Other Grocery Stores in Australia

2010 Industry Revenue $75,761.9 million

Woolworths Ltd net profit increased 10.1% to $2.02 billion for the year to June 30, 2010 on revenue up 4.2% to $51.96 billion.

Wesfarmers Ltd says sales from the Coles supermarket division increased 4.3% to $29.7 billion during the year to June 30, 2010. Sales were made up of $23.5 billion from the Food & Liquor division, up 5.6%, and $6.2 billion from the convenience division, down 0.4%.

ALDI 2009 current market share of 3 per cent.

IGA. Market share for the independently owned IGA supermarkets that Metcash supplied had expanded to 19.9 per cent.

Woolworths (WOW) has a strong market share, 30% of the Australian food, liquor and grocery market.
Market Statistics
% of Market: 2.3486
% of Sector: 46.5474
Sector: Consumer Staple
Industry Group: Food & Staples Retailing
Industry: Food & Staples Retailing

Wesfarmers Limited (WES) including Coles.
Market Statistics
% of Market: 2.8179
% of Sector: 48.4128
Sector: Consumer Staple
Industry Group: Food & Staples Retailing
Industry: Food & Staples Retailing

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