School Fees in Western Australia 2014-15

Western Australia announced new school fees for all 457 visa holders

The budget in Western Australia has announced that all 457 visa holders working in Western Australia (WA) will have to pay a $4,000 fee for their children’s education.

WA was one of the States that allowed 457 visa holders to have Education facilities at the same rates as Permanent Residents, but the new budget announcement has now revoked that privilege, and WA will begin to charge in the same way as NSW and ACT already do.

The logic behind this change ?

The number of students linked to 457 visa holders attending WA government schools has increased from 290 in 2005 to 8,600 in 2013.

It has been stated that the average cost of education is $15,621 per student. However, that figure is quoted by the WA government as the amount that the National Government pays towards each child education. How much does the WA government also contribute ? Or does that figure include both Federal and State contributions ?

Media Statement:

Liberal National Government will spend an average of $15,621 per student this year, an increase of $513 per student from last year
This year alone, funding to primary and secondary education will increase to $4.4billion which equates to an average of $15,621 spent per student.


The facts:

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The WA budget estimates an ‘annual’ income from this fee at $34m which is 8,500 students at $4,000 per year each.

School fees of $4,000 per annum per student will apply from January 2014 for children of 457 visa holders. The number of dependents of 457 visa holders attending government schools has increased from 290 in 2005 to 8,600 in 2013, imposing a significant impost on the public purse. This measure will raise an estimated $17 million in 2013-14 and a total of $120 million over the four years
to 2016-17.…/02_2013-14_Fact_Sheet_Fiscal_Action_Plan.pdf

2013-14 WA Budget at a glance

2013-14 Budget Papers

457 visa workers in the Western Australian resources industry:…/Conclusion-Extract.pdf

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