Soreen Malt Loaf in Australia

Soreen Malt Loaf is one of the few things that I still have a hankering for even after the years that I have lived in Australia.

Sometimes the local supermarkets have some in stock, but many of the specialist British food stores in Australia will have it all the time.

The prices may be a bit high, but as a treat now and again, it can be worth it.

The cost in Australia ? I will be back… with that.

In July 2010 it was $2.34 (=£1.37) in Woolworths, and they had loads of it.

1 - 1,910

4 thoughts on “Soreen Malt Loaf in Australia”

  1. I have been managing to get malt (Soreen) loaf often recently but local Coles has deleted it. What other stores, specialist or otherwise supply it?

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