Tax File Number Application

All workers in Australia require a Tax File Number, so that tax is deducted correctly.  No tax File Number will mean that Tax will be deducted at the maximum rate, up near 50% of earnings.

Here is the link for a Tax File Number Application online:

Who can apply for a tax file number online?

You can apply for a tax file number (TFN) online only if:

  • you are currently in Australia

and you have:

  • a valid permanent migrant visa, or
  • a valid visa with work rights, or
  • a valid overseas student visa, or
  • a valid visa allowing you to stay in Australia indefinitely.

Only one TFN will ever be issued to you.

If you have held a TFN before, but do not have the number, you can go through this application process, and indicate this fact at the relevant point.


Australian Business Number

Self Employed people, working as contractors, may also need an Australian Business Number (ABN).

The link to begin this application is at:

You will need an TFN to obtain an ABN.


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