Tesco Goods in Australia

Tesco Products in Australia?

An Email caught my attention today. It said:

It’s official! We’ve partnered with Tesco

The Reject Shops in Australia are now stocking some Tesco products.   Not a lot, but some.  Maybe more later, possibly depending on how well they sell.

Tesco Products in Australia


What is the Reject shop?

When I first heard of them, I expected them to sell rejected products.  Maybe they did originally, when they opened in 1981, but now their advertising often says: “We REJECT High Prices”.

The Reject shop has around 350 stores in Australia.

From their FAQs:
Q: The Reject Shop is a funny name. Is the stock faulty?
A: No. Our first store opened in South Yarra, Victoria in 1981. This shop sold ‘seconds’ and discontinued lines, hence The Reject Shop name. Today however, we are focused on working closely with our suppliers to give our customers the lowest prices on essential items and general merchandise. We are here to help all Australians save money every day.


They even have job vacancies, so this might be of possible interest to new arrivals in Australia. (rejectshop.com.au/current-vacancies)

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