Apr 13 2017

Assurance of Support for Visa Applications

Some Australian Visa Applications need an Assurance of Support

Although the need for Assurance of Support for Partner Visas was removed in 2012, there are still some types of Visas that may require the Assurance of Support”.

There are 2 types of Assurance of Support:

Mandatory Assurance of Support

A visa applicant must have an Assurance of Support to apply for these visa categories:

Aged dependent relative
Contributory parent, contributory aged parent, parent, aged parent
Remaining relative

These types require the lodgment of a bank guarantee.

Discretionary Assurance of Support

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection may ask a visa applicant to get an Assurance of Support for these visa categories:

Former resident, or
Orphaned relative under 18 at the time of application

These types do not require the lodgment of a bank guarantee, unless the assurer is an incorporated or unincorporated organisation



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