UK Passport Issuing Authority

Which is the correct Issuing Authority for a British Passport?

A question on the UK passport application or renewal form is “Which is your passport issuing authority?”

Options given include:

: Other

Which one do you use?

The line with HMPO is the normal one for most British born UK Citizens.

IPS was the Identity and Passport Service from 2006 to 2013. (The Identity and Passport Service was renamed HM Passport Office on 13 May 2013).
UKPS was the United Kingdom Passport Service (A previous name before HM Passport Office).
UKPA was the UK Passport Agency (A previous name before HM Passport Office).
HMPO is the current “Her Majesty’s Passport Office”.

People who had passports issued by Agencies such as the Hong Kong passport office, or Gibraltar, etc., would tick “other”.

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2 thoughts on “UK Passport Issuing Authority”

  1. One of the UK based businessmen I have invested an amount and he sent me scan copy of my UK passport is it original or duplicate.

    Passport no: 995600255
    Date of Birth: 28/05/1985

    1. You would need to contact the UK government for that.

      But I would be very wary about investing online. There are many scams about, and to be honest, a copy of any persons passport is quite easy to get, and then they can pretend to be that person.

      You need more security than a copy of a passport, whether original or not. There are many copies of passports on the web, often tagged with ‘scam alert’.

      For example:

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