UK Passports in Australia

UK Passports in Australia

Statement by Paul Madden, British High Commissioner to Australia from 2011 until February 2015.

Two main changes were introduced here on 13 January 2014. First, the application now has to be completed and paid for on-line. Second, ….

UK and Australian Passports

UK Passports in Australia

Statement by Paul Madden, (British High Commissioner to Australia from 2011 until February 2015).

Two main changes were introduced here on 13 January 2014. First, the application now has to be completed and paid for on-line. Second, the supporting documentation now needs to be sent to the Application Processing Centre in Liverpool, UK. This can be done via Australia Post, or any other courier service.

HM Passport Office have told us that the standard passport processing times will remain the same – allow four weeks for renewals, six for new passports or replacements for lost and stolen ones. So apart from the practical changes in the application process, there should not be much impact on applicants.

Source: changes-to-the-way-you-apply-for-a-british-passport-in-australia/

UK Passport Costs 2018

UK Applications
£75.50 Adult (16 and over) standard 34-page passport
£85.50 Adult (16 and over) jumbo 50-page passport
£49.00 Child (under 16) passport

Applying from Australia
£86.00 Adult standard 34-page passport (£105.86 with courier fee) (about A$190 at FX Rates in April 2018)
£96.00 Adult jumbo 50-page passport (£115.86 with courier fee)
Plus courier fee of £19.86

UK Passport Advice line

Telephone: 0300 222 0000
From outside the UK: +44 300 222 0000
Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (UK Time)
Weekends and public holidays, 9am to 5:30pm (UK Time)

UK Passport Renewal Process

According to a comment at: a UK passport renewal might take under 3 weeks, from sending your old one back, to receiving your new one.

Older Information

2013 UK Passport Changes

On 25th March 2013 the United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office website was replaced by
Many Links will no longer work, but will lead to the main site.

Australian Passports

UK passport, renewals and enquiries

UK passport renewals in Australia

You can now Renew your British Passport – Online

To renew online use this link

(NOW SUPERSEDED – Renewals are now Done from the UK only) From 2nd June 2009… All British Passport renewals in Australia will be done at a Post Office.

The British High Commission in Canberra will only accept direct postal applications until 15th June 2009. After that date any applications will be returned to sender, unopened.

Australia Post will charge a $50 fee for their service.

Telephone Help lines are available at a cost of between 0.69 + International call fee, and $3.52 per minute.

Australia Post staff will check your passport application with you face-to-face before forwarding on for processing at the Regional Passport Processing Centre in New Zealand.

Passport Fees at April 2013

A$ 275.32 Adult standard 32-page passport
A$ 318.32 Adult jumbo 48-page passport
A$ 201.32 Child passport

Somethings do go down in price!!  An Adult Passport in April 2009 was quoted at:

32 page standard size is shown as $279.00 at April 2009, for either a Renewal or a new application.

UK Red Passports

Renewal of a “Red Passport” requires the following

  • Form C1 or C2,
  • your existing passport,
  • 2 passport photos and
  • the application Fee.

Costs are subject to changes.

Please check for any changes at the British High Commission website.

Passport Fees at:

The application will need to be sent to the Passport Office in Canberra, or submitted at selected Australia Post Offices from 2nd June 2009.

Full details are at:

Renewing an expired British passport

  • If your British passport expired more than ten years ago, or yours is an older style blue/black British passport, you will need to submit your original birth certificate, and more identification than when renewing a passport that expired less than 10 years ago.

Old Black Passports

  • Any application being submitted with an old style black passport, as evidence of British nationality, will now be treated as a ‘First Time Application’ and must be supported by full documentation (ie full birth certificate and marriage certificate) or registration documents if applicable.
Forum Discussion Topics

Discuss and ask questions about specific topics at these Forum Pages

UK Passport FAQ’s

  • Adding pages to a passport – If your passport is full but it is still valid you cannot have pages added to it.
  • Additional passport – Second passports will only be issued where there is an ongoing and compelling need for frequent travel.
  • Agents – If you choose to use an agent you do so at your own risk.
  • Amendments to Passports – If a passport holder wishes to change any aspect of his or her passport, a new passport must be applied for and the appropriate passport fee paid in full.
  • Application forms – Please ensure your form is filled out completely and all relevant documents and the fee are enclosed.
  • Applying for a passport – If you do not live in the UK you have two options. If you live in the UK you MUST apply through the Identity and Passport Service
  • Biodata page of a Passport – The bio-data page is printed on the last page of the current style of British passport.
  • Biometric passports – Biometric details are those which are unique to you
  • Birth certificates – There are two types of birth certificate issued in the UK
  • BN(O) passport (applicants with a Hong Kong connection) – All BN (O) registrations had to be completed prior to 1 July 1997.
  • British citizenship – Applicants must provide evidence of their claim to British Nationality if they are a first time applicant for a UK passport.
  • British nationals – Categories of people defined as British nationals under British Nationality Law
  • British passports – Definition of a British passport
  • Careline service – At certain Embassies, High Commissions and Consulates, our passport enquiries are only handled by our passport information helpline
  • Cash (Paying passport fees by cash) – Do not send cash in the post with your application.
  • Change of appearance – If you can still be identified from the photo in your current passport, you don’t need to apply for a new one.
  • Cheque (Paying passport fees by personal cheque) – Please make sure you refer to this as payment methods differ between the Passport Processing Centres and will change periodically.
  • Child applications – Since March 1998 children cannot be added to a parents or a guardians passport.
  • Collection of passport by third party – The person collecting the passport must also provide our consular staff at the reception his or her own identification, and if possible, the original receipt.
  • Countersignatures – Advice on countersignatures can be found in the notes accompanying passport application forms which applicants should read carefully.
  • Damaged passports – You must provide the damaged passport when submitting your passport application.
  • Deceased persons – We request that the passport of a British national who has died is forwarded to the nearest Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.
  • Documents – See the supporting documentation needed for your application.
  • Dual citizenship – The UK government has no objection to dual or multiple citizenship or to a person holding passports from more than one country.
  • Eligibility for a British passport – Determining whether you are a British national and whether you qualify for British passport facilities is a complex process involving many factors.
  • Emergency passports – There are two types of emergency travel documents.
  • Emergency travel – Please remember that regardless of the type of document issued we need to make checks before we can issue a passport and this may mean you have to delay your travel plans.
  • Errors in passport – You need to return the passports to the passport office where they were issued with a note of explanation for free re-issue of your passport.
  • Extending the validity of your passport – Leave plenty of time to apply for a new passport and always regularly check the validity on your passport.
  • Extension to your passport – It is no longer possible to obtain a free extension to a passport that was subject to a restricted validity.
  • Interviews – There are some instances were an interview is a requirement.
  • Looking after your passport – Considerable inconvenience and disruption to travel plans and expense may result from the theft or loss of your passport.
  • Lost or stolen passports overseas – If your passport has been stolen, you will need to get a police report, or demonstrate that you have at least made attempts to do so.
  • Machine Readable Passport – A machine-readable passport is a passport with two typeface lines printed at the bottom of the biographical page, which can be read by a machine.
  • Mistake in application – Incorrectly completed applications can cause you delays and you may not receive your passport ahead of your intended travel date.
  • Obtaining an extract of your original UK birth/marriage certificate – You can apply by post to the General Register Office to obtain your UK birth or marriage certificate.
  • Old Blue British passport – If you are applying to renew an old expired blue passport, your application will be treated like a first-time application.
  • Old/previous passport – When you apply for a new passport, your old passport will be cancelled and returned to you.
  • Opening times – Some Embassies have set opening hours to accept passport applications, and will not accept any applications after this time.
  • Out of hours – You should contact your nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate if you require consular assistance out of hours.
  • British Overseas Territories citizen – British Overseas Territories Citizens (BOTC) can apply for a passport in the same way as a British Citizen.
  • Owning and looking after your passport – Any case of loss or destruction should be reported immediately to the local police.
  • Passport Information Helpline – Please check your Embassy website for contact details.
  • Passport owner – A passport remains the property of Her Majesty’s Government in the UK.
  • Passport photographs – All applicants are asked to check the passport photograph requirements before submitting their application.
  • Passport application: website services – In some instances applying through such web-based services can ultimately delay your application.
  • Photocopies or certified copies of supporting documents – We must see original documentation.
  • Photocopy of passport – If you are sending a photocopy of your passport, unless requested in your application your current passport will automatically be cancelled on the issuing of your new passport.
  • Posting your passport application – We cannot be held responsible for applications or documents lost in transit.
  • Processing time – Customers should not make any travel arrangements until the new passport is received.
  • Public holidays – Please check the Embassy, High Commission for details about public holidays.
  • Recovered passports – If you find a passport that you had earlier reported lost or stolen, you must not use it.
  • Refund of application fees – The passport fee is now charged for administering the application rather than just for issuing a passport.
  • Renewal of your passport – Applicants must be residing (whether on holiday or permanently) in any particular country at the time of application and still be in the country at the time their new passport is issued.
  • Retention of passport during application process – Any passport retained during the renewal process can only be retained for ID purposes, not for travel.
  • Same day service – We do not offer a same day service and advise customers to submit applications well before your intended travel date.
  • Second passport – Second passports will only be issued where there is an ongoing and compelling need for frequent travel.
  • Short form birth certificate for first time applications – We do not accept short-form birth certificate to support first passport applications.
  • Signature – If you are over 12 you are required to sign your passport application
  • Special symbols in names – We can put some accents, umlauts and other symbols in names.
  • Status of application – We do not currently have an online tracking system to track your passport.
  • Submitting your application in person – It is not always necessary to submit your passport application in person.
  • Submitting your passport application without including your passport –
  • Supporting documents from another country – You should have the document translated (if necessary) and then authenticated by the authorities in the country that issued them.
  • Temporary Passports – The temporary passport is being phased out in 2009/10.
  • Tracking progress of your passport – Please note that these are approximate timings and may be subject to delivery time delays.
  • Unable to write – If applicants are unable to write, they can use their thumbprint instead to sign the passport application form.
  • United States of America – You can use your non-biometric British passport to travel to the USA.
  • Validity of passport – Ask your travel agent, or contact the authorities of the country/territory you propose to visit about passport requirements.
  • Veteran Passports (Free passports) – All free passports are issued in the United Kingdom and take a minimum of 10 weeks to be processed.
  • Visas in passport- Applicants are responsible for checking the immigration and visa requirements for the country to which they will be travelling.
  • Without a passport (travel abroad without a passport) – You must have a valid travel document to enter or leave the UK.
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Hello. I was born in Nottingham, England in 1965. When I was ten years old my family and I immigrated to Australia in 1975. I have an English passport and have also become an Australian Citizen and obtained a citizenship certificate. Should I renew my English Passport so that I can come home for a holiday, but if so, what affect would that have upon me returning to Australia after a vacation ?

Kind regards Robert..

I am looking at renewing an expired red British passport from Australia. Do you know of any agent that will assist in this process? I reside in Perth WA

Thank you ABC Diamond for your information, I am having difficulty trying to renew my expired British Passport, I answered all the questions on British passport site, but at the end there is nowhere to go? I am 72 and computer illiterate so went to my largest local P.O. but they could not help, the man there said they have had nothing to do with Passports for years? the P.O. website is out of date with this information, do you know where I can go to get help? When I got my first one all I had to do was go to the British Consulate in Canberra, where they did the application while I waited then posted it out to me, I lived near there at the time, but can’t do that now,
I am in the Ballina NSW area. Kindest regards Sandra

Hi I am about to renew my British passport from Perth in Australia (have dual citizenship) and see now that you can renew online which seems to be great but i did come across where it asks you who was the “issuing authority” when I last had my passport renewed and mentioned these abbreviations – I do not know what they stand for and haven’t been able to find any info anywhere ….except HMPO which i believe is “Her Majesty Passport office” ???


and if not any of these then “other” so just wondering if anyone can enlighten me?!! 🙂


Thank you so much for that… you are a mine of information … Yes just wasnt to be sure which one to tick as I say wasn’t familiar with the abbreviations, but now I am 🙂 many thanks ….your help is appreciated

In 1993 I aquired a 10 year red dual Uk / Australian passport. I am Australian born with British migrant parents. It was a ten year passport and unused. The passport no longer exists and I do not have any numbers recorded. I have also had a name change and do have a new birth certificate.
I will be applying for a passport next week to travel mid year. Besides the regular identification outlined on the website, what additional information will I need to provide?

i am a permanent resident of australia but born in england i have a british passport but it has expired in 2012 ….do i need to apply for a brand new british passport? or can i just renew this old one ?ty for your time regards joannne

MY UK passport expired quite a few years ago and I am unable to find it. I am currently applying for an ESTA visa (as an Australian citizen) and they need the expired passport details…how do I go about this?

Do I need to send a copy of my Australian passport when renewing my British passport?

Please advise if I can travel on a round trip to NZ using a British passport.? And would I need an RRV to come back to Australia? I have lived here for 61 years since I was 12. I haven’t become an Australian citizen.

I have resided in Australia for 61 years since I was 12. I have an expired British Passport. I want to go on a two week cruise early next year.I am about to apply for a new British passport. Can I travel with it on this round trip and would I need an RRV to return here?I have never taken out Australian Citizenship. I have been married to an Australian for 45 years. please advise.

I have enquired about Australian Citizenship and have been told it could take eight or nine months to come through. I would then want to get an Australian passport. I really wanted to go on a cruise next February as it is a family reunion with my two brothers and sister and their families. Luckily they had all become Australian Citizens years ago. Thanks for your info and if you can find a cut off date as my old British passport does have the RRV stamp which expired years ago. Thanks . J

I have been here since 1969 and have always needed a RRV with my UK passport as have not got citizenship. I have spoken to Aust immigration in the last week and confirmed it is still needed. Anyone looking to renew their UK passport I would say dont bother. I have been waiting 3 months for HMPO to renew mine. Even as the old blue style so needs to be treated as a new application shouldnt take this long. No one can tell me why its being delayed and have never been contacted to say there’s an issue. Needed it to travel week after next which now wont be happening and its probably going to take them another 6 months to return my documents so I can apply for Aust citixenship. Sorry for the rant but am so frustrated and this might stop anyone else going through this!

I am a naturalized British citizen who is now living in Australia. My son was born as an Australian citizen as i was a permanent resident here at the time of his birth. Can i apply for a dual citizenship/ british citizenship for him? Will he qualify to be a british passport holder?

I have lived in Australia for 45 years but never become a Autralian citizen, can I apply for duel passport.
If so how.

We renewed our british passports at the Australian post office as we are now permanent residents here. Two of the new passports have been delivered to us, within two weeks, one is still outstanding. Should I be concerned and is there a number I can call to track the passport through DHL. The numbers on the post office website do not appear to work.

I have a British passport, I have been liing in Australia since I was 3 in 1962, I have overseas 4 times, Is there a limit of how often I can return to Australia? Am I able to still get a re-entry visa for here? Thanks Anne Young

If your British passport expired more than ten years ago, or yours is an older style blue/black British passport, you will need to submit your original birth certificate, and more identification than when renewing a passport that expired less than 10 years ago.

does this mean we still fill in section 4 on the c1 application with the old passport number, and include the old style blue/black passport with the app…..or say no to previous passport…..???

What documentation would i need to include here..?

I am travelling on 3 April to the US – I am still waiting for my birth cert. to arrive before I can apply for the passport – can I get a passport any faster than 10 weeks?

One of the most common question we get in the UK is whether an Apostille is needed on a UK birth certificate when (re-)applying for a British Passport. For clarification, an Apostille is only needed if a document is being presented to a non-UK authority, so an Apostille is not needed. For any further clarification, we can be contacted in the UK on +44 845 838 8433.
If you need a replacement quickly, by courier, you can order a british birth certificate online.

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