Dec 15 2011

Average House Prices in Britain September 2011

Average house prices in the South East of England for the quarter ended September 2011 were:

£454,676 Detached  (about A$700,00)
£255,491 Semi-detached
£208,272 Terrace
£165,890 Flat

Average prices for Greater London were:

£810,234 Detached  (about A$1,250,00)
£468,533 Semi-detached
£479,684 Terrace
£362,073 Flat

As at todays date, the official September 2011 figures for Australia are still not available on the ABS website, however these figures for March 2011 are available:


A$575,000 Detached Houses


A$450,000 Detached Houses


A$402,000 Detached Houses

More British average property prices at: http://news.bbc.co.uk

More Australian average House prices at: www.abs.gov.au

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