Renewal of British Passport


My Son’s passport is due to expire in Feb 2013. My question is should he renew it now if he is travelling to the UK in Feb 2012. Can he still travel on it if it has 6 months to go to expiry? He may return Jan 2013 or June 2012.


When travelling to some countries you will need 6 months validity on your passport – if yours is near that limit renew now


If you are travelling to the UK, on a UK passport, you will not have this condition. You would of course have to renew the UK passport in Britain while there. But it should also be cheaper than doing it in Australia.

Renew or amend an existing adult passport (in UK)

£ 77.50 Normal Service
£112.50 fast-track one-week service
£129.50 premium one-day service Table of passport fees

Renew a British passport in Australia

We no longer issue standard (5 and 10 year) British passports at the Australian High Commission. You now need to apply for your passport at our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Wellington.

You will need to lodge your British Passport application through the Australia Post Postshop network.
With effect from 1 August 2011, the Regional Passport Processing Centre in Wellington, New Zealand will process your passport. The passport will be printed in the United Kingdom.

Prices at January 2012

  • A$280.66 Adult 32 page British Passport. Normal service
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I submitted my passport for renewal on the 26-4-13 but was not offered any fast track option. I am in Melbourne Australia and need the passport to apply to a US Visa application for business travel to occur first week of June. The visa process takes time and therefore I would have opted for the fast track service. Having already paid $280 I would expect they are all fast track serviced. How can I obtain some detail or qualification of the renewed passport valid period to provide to the US consulate ?

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