457 visa holders – workplace rights and entitlements

457 visa holders – workplace rights and entitlements

Under the Migration Act, your sponsor is required to meet a number of obligations which ensure that you are provided with appropriate terms and conditions of employment.

These obligations require your employer to:

  • provide you with equivalent pay to that of any Australian employee who has the same occupation as you in your workplace
  • only require you to perform duties that relate to your approved occupation
  • pay reasonable and necessary travel costs to allow you and your family members to leave Australia, if requested in writing by you, your family or DIBP on your behalf
  • not make you pay for any costs relating to your recruitment, or the costs associated with the business becoming or being an approved sponsor, including migration agent costs
  • make sure that you do not work for any other employers without authorisation
  • pay you in a manner that is capable of being verified by an independent person (e.g. electronic funds transfer or cheque)

It is also important that the Employer is aware of these obligations.


Australia 457 Visa

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