78% of Australians are satisfied with their lives

78% of Australian adults were quoted as being satisfied with their lives, in a 2010 General Social Survey carried out by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
This figure is slightly higher than the 76% who reported being satisfied in the 2001 survey.

  1. 43% were pleased or delighted with their lives.
  2. 34% reported being mostly satisfied.
  3. about 17% Mixed feelings
  4. about 2% Mostly Dissatisfied.
  5. about 2% Unhappy
  6. about 2% Terrible.

Other figures of those Australians satisfied with their lives are:

Marital Status

  • 82% of Married.
  • 78% of Widowed.
  • 76% of never Married.
  • 66% of Divorced.
  • 56% of Separated.
  • 83% of people aged 65-74 years old were the most likely to be at least satisfied with their lives.
  • 73% of people aged 45-54 years old were the least likely to be at least satisfied with their lives.

Source: ABS

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