Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 31st December 2014

Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2014/2015

The Sydney New Years Eve fireworks weigh 7 tonnes and are made up of around 11,000 shells, 100,000 pyrotechnic effects and 25,000 shooting comets.

There will be THREE firework displays: 9:00pm, 10:40pm and midnight. The new 10:30 event is called “the Inspire Moment” and will be a 90 sec mini fireworks display.

The Harbour of Light Parade, at 9:15pm, features 52 illuminated boats, amid more than 3,000 boats navigating the harbour. The Harbour of Light Parade will sail from west to east starting at Cockatoo Island and finishing at Clark Island.

The Bridge effect weighs 60 tonnes including 16km of rope light, 4km of electrical cable and 10,000 cable ties.

Sydney New Years Eve contributes $156 million to the local Sydney economy and draws crowds of approximately 1.6 million.

Just over a billion people worldwide watch the fireworks on television or online.

The celebrations are environmentally friendly too, they are carbon neutral thanks to Green power, Recycled water, Biodegradable firecracker cases, Carbon credits.
80% of all rubbish collected is recycled which all adds up to one very Happy New Year.

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